Friends of Lucas Park is comprised of Downtown residents working to improve and beautify our
neighborhood park. We had a very successful 2012 with the installation of a new playground as well
as sod and some landscaping. In 2013 we completed the installation of a new sprinkler system, planted
landscaping throughout the park and installed fitness equipment for ages 5 and up! It was a busy 2 years
and now we are getting ready to open up the park for use. For more information please contact us at the email
on the side of the page. Thanks for checking out Friends of Lucas Park!

Parents you've been challenged!

An anonymous donor is matching new donations for the next 2 weeks up to $500. They want all the parents Downtown to make a donation towards the playground in lieu of paying to build one in their own backyard. This is a great opportunity to double your contribution to our neighborhood. We are only $2000 and 3 weeks away from ordering the playground equipment. Your children will thank you!


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  2. Warren,
    We are really lucky with the placement of the new playground, the existing trees provide almost all day shade. As a parent I know that this is a huge problem with playgrounds around town. Thanks for posting the question.


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